Question – Good dayI have a r

Good day
I have a really important question.
I was going to be in an University in the USA for an internship. They told me at first I had to issue an J1 visa and I did.
But I never use it and the two year rule applied to me.
So, the visa it is cancelled or was never activated and the two year rule doesnt apply? or it does apply?

Question – I’m Brazilian

I’m Brazilian and my wife is both an American and Brazilian citizen. I hold a Ph.D and work as a professor and researcher in Brazil. I’m considering applying for a Postdoc position (and also applying for a j1 visa), then at the end of my postdoc period I’ll apply for adjustment of status through marriage. Is it possible? Or it’s too risky in terms of adjustment rejection? I’ve been told that chances are that the immigration department may interpret my case as fraud. Is that true?

ps.: I’m aware of the two year rule that may be applied in j1 visa.
ps.2: I know that I can apply for a immigrant visa through the Brazilian embassy, however it takes too much time (12 months in avg.), and we wouldn’t like to wait.