Question – I am currently on H B visa My dad is

I am currently on H1B visa. My dad is Permanent Resident, and intent to file I-130 for me. Is it possible to get an EAD card while my I-130 is pending since I am already in US as H1B. I am talking to see back option since my H1B will be expired soon and want to see if I-130 application can help me to retain in US with valid EAD.

Question – Hello sir madam I am planning to apply for F

Hello sir / madam . I am planning to apply for F1 student visa this November . My mother is currently living here in Nepal but is on the waiting list of Us green card which was applied through my uncle (mothers brother) her green card might come after 6 years from now . Although i don’t have any connection with her green card because i will be 24 by that time , I am afraid that my mothers procedure will ruin my chance of getting US student visa because for getting student visa we should show strong ties to home country . Please help me out .