Hi, I am an international student in the MS program and applying for unpaid work.
Do I need to apply for the OPT that same as other international students who have a paid job?
What should my employer must do for me to have me as an volunteer at their practice?

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Yes, you need OPT even with unpaid work. Your employer does not need to do anything except verify your eligibility to work via I-9 (although with unpaid work they may not even do this). Your employer just need to give you a letter stating that you will be working for them for an unpaid position, the type of work involved, and dates of the work. Take this letter to file for OPT at your school.
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Last Modified: June 12, 2018

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  1. Nutthakit Arthihirannorapat

    Give you have any example of the document for the employer who willing to have an international student to volunteer at their place please give me some?
    Thank you so much!

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