Hi, I am trying to file for a green card for my mother; I am a citizen. She had a tourist visa for 13 years and never broke any rule of stay; max stay was 8 weeks. Now we decided to process the paperwork, but i am currently unemployed (A doctorate student). My husband has a good salary but is not willing to co-sponsor. She has savings that will amount to minimal cutoff (family of 5) and property in her country that can be appraised/sold. Can she use her own funds to support herself? how is it documented? Also, we file jointly all the time. Do I need his signature and can I use our joint tax returns to demonstrate family income? What about my own savings and mutual funds? Lastly, how long should I wait since her arrival to start filing and what forms do I need (ie work permit, advanced parole if she needs to go back while docs are in process) ? I will greatly appreciate any help.

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Firstly your mother can count her own assets in filing. She just need to provide proof such as bank statements, property, securities etc. You don't need your husband's signature, just provide the filed joint tax returns as is, no need to sign them. You can also definitely include your own assets. She should wait 90 days before filing to avoid suspicion. Please check the website for resources to file and what forms.
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Last Modified: August 5, 2018

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