I am f-1 visa holder in the US; have awarded international students scholarship. I completed the first year of my two years graduate program. I was working as a teaching assistant in the University in last spring 2018. Now I’m doing my summer internship with CPT (Curriculum Practical Training). And, I just get married this month and I am thinking to file for adjustment of status. My questions are:
a. The I-485 form asks for employment history so do the on-campus teaching assistance and internship considered as employment?
b. If I file for adjustment of status now Can I continue working on the internship with the CPT?

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a. Yes you can put those down b. Yes, because likely you should receive your EAD card and the pending status I-797C notice of action roughly the same time and with the EAD you can work unrestricted.
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  1. Anna

    Hi. I am married to South African men. We been married for 8 years and I have US born 2 step kids ages 18 and 17 now. And my husband been working here in USA for almost 20 years hit never had GC. Always on H1B Visa. Now he dont have work anymore and the visa is expired. So for my visa too. My question now is, if me and my husband get devorce. Can my stepson still sponsor my Green Card?. I take care of him since he was 9 years old.
    Please advice.

    1. admin Post author

      H1b can at most allow a 6 year stay. If he never applied for GC then he was staying illegally. Your stepson is not 21 yet. He needs to be 21 to sponsor you.

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